We strive to support people in improving their health and well-being through pure herbal essences of the highest quality. We passionately share our expert knowledge with our customers, partners and employees, keeping it alive and expanding it daily. We are committed to align all our actions with our respect for nature and humankind – holistically, sustainably and fair.

Loving Nature & Humanity

Loving Nature & Humanity

Our philosophy is based on the understanding that a holistic perspective on health and beauty balances body, mind and soul for enhanced well-being and harmony.

We are grateful for the opportunity to utilize our expert knowledge and over 35 years of experience with plants, aromatherapy and organic skincare as a source of inspiration to others, sharing our love for nature and humanity.

Primavera—the goddess of spring—is our seal of quality, representing pure, natural products, fair trade practices with our organic partners and respect for people and the planet.


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Green Brand Germany

Since 2013 PRIMAVERA has now received the renowned GREEN BRAND AWARD for the sixth time. The international Green Brand Organization confirmed that PRIMAVERA was able to improve its results in regards to resource consumption, sustainability and ecology in comparison to the past years. Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) and the strong engagement in raising environmental awareness in particular contributed to this year’s improvement. We are proud of our achievement and honored by this meaningful acknowledgement.

Green Brand Award 2023/2024

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