The specialty French cooperative TERRA PROVENCE cultivates many Provence herbs, including certified organic lavender, sage oil and many other essential oils. High-quality macerates such as St. John’s wort and Calendula are also produced in the hills of Provençe, thanks to the experience and competence of our long-standing partner Hans Ulrich Wentzler.
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Certified Organic Agriculture

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Every year the hills of Provençe transform into a sea of flourishing lavender under the abundant summer sun, drenching the region in its decadent, calming fragrance. Organic lavender farming is a test in endurance and patience. It takes three years before lavender plants are capable of pushing away weeds themselves and until then, organic farmers must exhaustively commit to weeding and hoeing to protect the young plants, in lieu of chemical herbicides. Domesticated lavender is cultivated at an altitude between 800 and 1,500 meters and is harvested using small tractors. However, wild lavender grows at an altitude above 2,600 feet and along steep terrain making it impossible to use machines. So all harvesting is done by hand.

PRIMAVERA lavender is distilled for up to 90 minutes in order to activate the most potent relaxing and harmonizing benefits that the plant is known for. This is because it takes 45 minutes for Cumarin—an important component of lavender essential oil—to be released allowing for the enhanced properties of the oil to be effective. For many years PRIMAVERA has supported Provençe farmers and workers who supply us with domestic and wild lavender varieties.


„Our personal relationship with Terra Provence has led us to our involvement in North Africa, Morocco and Tunisia, where we source the essential oils chamomile and rosemary cineol and the precious Moroccan rose oil. We look back on many years of fruitful collaboration, continuing to foster a close friendship with the cooperative.

Gerhard Benz
Former Purchasing Manager

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