Come visit our PRIMAVERA flagship store, located in the Southern German Alps, to experience our pure aromatherapy products and high-quality natural beauty products that holistically enhance your well-being. We offer fragrant tours through our herb garden and a compelling assortment of informative seminars, exciting workshops and various events. Our headquarters are located in the middle a natural paradise of the „Allgäu“ region in Southern Germany, imbedded in a beautiful garden filled with fragrance, light and vitality.


Our Flagship Store

Stop by and visit our 600 qm flagship store. Here you can try out and experience all of our products, receiving our individual and competent guidance.

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday | 10 am – 6 pm CET
(except Bavarian or national holidays)

D-87466 Oy-Mittelberg
Tel. +49 8366 8988-0
Fax +49 8366 8988-4099

The flagship store team is looking forward to your visit.

Important notice: At the moment we offer no guided tours – you are however free to explore our gardens at your convenience!

The PRIMAVEA flagship store team
Your journey

How to find us

By train

The closest train station in walking distance is called „Oy-Mittelberg“. Find current train schedules on the Deutschen Bahn website.

By bus

There is a bus-stop right by our PRIMAVERA headquarters. Find current bus schedules on the rba website.

By car

Coming from the north:

  • travel south on the highway A7 towards Füssen
  • take exit 137 following “Oy-Mittelberg”
  • shortly follow the B309 towards Pfronten/Nesselwang/ Wertach until you arrive at a roundabout
  • take the first exit of the roundabout
  • find our headquarters on your left (you will see our gate from the roundabout)

Coming from Munich:

  • take the highway A96 towards Buchloe
  • exit onto the B12 towards Kempten
  • before entering Kempten City take the A7 towards Füssen
  • take exit 137 following “Oy-Mittelberg”
  • shortly follow the B309 towards Pfronten/Nesselwang/ Wertach until you arrive at a roundabout
  • take the first exit of the roundabout
  • find our headquarters on your left (you will see our gate from the roundabout)

Where we work

Our vision was a facility that forever gives back to nature what it takes, as it harmoniously blends with the curvy hills of the picturesque Allgäu landscapes. More than just a building, we designed an island of sustainability that gives our employees an experience of creativity, inspiration and holistic well-being.

Stemming from our two central themes of ecology and sustainability, our goal was to reach absolute carbon-neutrality. We are happy that we were able to manifest this vision already in 2016, four years after moving into our new facilities.

  • Headquarters
  • Headquarters


    The topic of renewable energy and its efficient use plays an important role in the design of our headquarter facility. We avoid the usage of fossil fuels by working with an innovative heat recovery system, an air heat exchanger and infrared heating. Our energy is sourced through our own photovoltaic solar panel system. The architectural design incorporates passive lighting, a design method that strategically places windows, overhangs and other architectural elements to make energy-saving use of natural light and heat from the sun.


    PRIMAVERA relies on geothermal heating and cooling to regulate air temperatures inside our building. This is a highly effective system that makes use of the earth’s natural thermal energy to control indoor temperatures. Fresh air coming into our facility is filtered through an underground system that naturally heats incoming cold air during winter and cool incoming hot air in the summer.


    We care about preserving precious drinking water and looked for alternatives. Rainwater collectors capture droplets during rainfall, filter the water through our green roof and channel it into 80.000 liter underground tanks. This supplies us with all the water we need for our bathrooms and gardens. Access water is used for filling our three outdoor ponds. Furthermore, we have two tapped springs on the property, gifting us with complete self-sufficiency in our water supply.


    Composed of herbs and other ground cover vegetation, PRIMAVERA’s facility features a green roof, which is natural way to help regulate temperature, reduce storm water runoff, filter air and rainwater pollutants, and support wildlife habitats.


    It was key for us to focus on eco-friendly materials for the construction. All walls are ceiled with natural clay plaster, that creates a pleasant indoor climate by absorbing and emitting humidity. The walls stay cool in the summer and store heat in the winter.

  • Garden
  • Garden

    Our garden of 25.000 medicinal plants, stretching its unique diversity across a surface of 42.000 m², is open to our visitors all year round. Thanks to our elaborate garden design, we were able to increase and replant the land surface, giving nature back a greater biosphere than originally existed. The green roof of our facility naturally impacts the interior climate, delaying and filtering the drainage of rainwater while offering a rich habitat for various plants and animals.

  • Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui

    „Feng Shui implies observing nature and applying its wisdom to the design and construction of buildings. We have to re-learn how to live in alignment with nature and treating it with our highest respect. “
    Kurt L. Nübling

    We see our facility as a living organism. In addition to highly monitored eco-friendliness, creating and building positive energy through extraordinary architecture is incredibly important to us. Soft flowing shapes within the building and garden enhance a state of alignment and balance. A fountain babbles by the main entrance and curvy paths lead through the garden, crossing romantic bridges and past lavender, sage, thyme and many other medicinal plants.

Kurt L. Nübling, PRIMAVERA Co-founder

„Our vision was a facility that harmoniously blends into the natural surroundings. This way, we invite the power of the natural elements into our spaces, providing a sense of comfort and peace for employees and visitors. We strive to create an oasis, that supports relaxation and joyfulness.“

Kurt L. Nübling