With a lot going on in the world these days, it can be a great challenge to maintain a state of inner peace and balance. In times of uncertainty and turmoil, nature's fragrances can offer us empowering support. In our PRIMAVERA Wellbeing product range we have crafted a colorful variety of individual fragrance blends to suit all different moments of life. Our compositions are a fragrant declaration of love to ourselves and to life, in all its facets. Made of purely natural plant force, these aromatic blends offer pleasant moments of mindfullness, leaving a positive impact on our wellbeing.

Die Kraft der Natur Tanken

Back to nature

Fragrances keep us company throughout our entire lives. As precious gifts of nature, they powerfully assist us in any situation. According to our current need, we can use the appropriate fragrance blend to instantly create a supportive and restorative feel-good atmosphere.

Through the nose, scents take direct effect on the limbic system of our brain that regulates our hormons and our feelings. This way, fragrances can instantly soothe our nervous system, alleviate fears and support the inner balance. The profound sensory experience simultaniously directs our attention towards our breathing, which automatically deepens and calms down.

In order to utilize the fullest potential of nature, we only use 100 % purely natural essential oils in our diverse fragrance compositions. As we face a complex world every day, these carefully crafted blends help us to bring body, mind and spirit back into balance. Breathing in natural fragrances lets us experience precious moments of peace and feel the magical power of nature.

Every need calls for it's suitable


  • Roomspray

    Whether you’re looking to relax or concentrate, our room sprays made of 100% natural essential oils will instantly conjure up your personal feel-good atmosphere at home, in the hotel or at work. Simply spray the fragrance directly into the air and enjoy the beneficial effect of the fragrance.

  • Blend

    Carefully crafted fragrance blends made from 100 % natural essential oils promote wellbeing whenever you need it. The blends are used in combination with a decorative diffuser. Simply add a few drops to a ceramic aroma stone, a candle diffuser, or an electric aroma diffuser, in order to create your own personal wellness ambiance – perfectly suiting your current mood.

  • Aroma Roll-On
    Aroma Roll-On

    Even when you're on the go, you don’t have to be without the soothing power of essential oils. You can apply our practical aroma roll-on directly onto the skin, giving yourself instant fragrance breaks from your busy day. Simply apply to the nape of the neck, forehead, temples, or the insides of your wrists.

Our wellbeing fragrances

at a glance

  • Kraft tanken



    Morning woodland air – clear and fresh. While you feel strongly rooted to the soil, you breathe in deeply and recharge with the pure power of nature. Every breath enlivens your senses. Soothing clarity is spreading. Cedar, Cardamom and Bergamot create a unique room climate, giving you the strength to meet life’s big and small challenges.

  • Heartwarming



    Like a scented comforting hug of affection and warmth. A wonder­ful oppor­tunity to give a sense of comfort to yourself and all your favo­rite people. This floral scent of Rose, Vanilla and Sandal­wood gently and lovingly embraces us. It fills the room with kindness and makes it into a cozy, protective nest.

  • In Balance

    In Balance*

    Before: Harmony

    In our busy world it is becoming in­creasing­ly vital to practice mind­fullness with of our­selves, listen to our needs and find inner balance. The sensual, floral fra­grance of Rose and Orange has a harmo­nizing effect, suppor­ting an atmo­sphere of loving connec­tion. This blend is a wonder­ful way to give love to your­self and your loved ones.

  • Yoga Flow

    Yoga Flow


    A clear fragrance to inspire your daily yoga practice. Myrtle, Grape­fruit and Sandal­wood let you breathe more mind­fully in your asanas and help you find the path to your inner centre. All three Yoga Flow products have a balancing and clarifying effect. Additionally, the Room Spray can be used for cleansing your yoga mat.

  • Let go

    Let go*

    Before: Shinging Angel

    The soothing plant intelli­gence of La­ven­der and Iris give you the sere­nity to handle challenging situ­ations. The sweet scent supports you to let go of control and soften en­trenched thought patterns. By letting go, you give life the power of opening new, un­ex­pected doors for you. It allows you to expe­rience the magic of new beginnings.

  • Relax



    Be present within yourself. Unwind in the here and now. Your pulse slows down. Your thoughts settle. Experience deep relaxation in mind, body and soul. Let the soothing and caressing scents of Lavender, Siamese Benzoin and Ho Leaves essential oils wash over your senses, allowing peace of mind and relaxation in your everyday endeavours.

  • Clean Air

    Clean Air


    The tangy scent of Peppermint, Lemon and Myrtle truly conjure up a feeling of fresh air and combine to create a strong blend. The clarifying fragrance reduces the germ load in the air and neutralizes unwanted odors. Its fresh scent creates a wonderful outdoor feeling even when indoors, bringing the purity of nature into your home in an instant.

  • Stress Free

    Stress Free


    Your reliable fragrance helper in situ­ations of stress, inner turmoil and overwhelm. When life occasionally gets too much, the calming fragrance of the Stress Free Aroma Roll-On brings back inner peace, positivity and ease. The practical Roll-On size fits into any pocket and gives you instant relaxation – at home or on the go.

  • Space Clearing

    Space Clearing


    Cleanses, neutralizes and liberates. The spicy fragrance of Silver fir, Rhodo­den­dron and Juniper berries creates the foundation for a positive atmo­sphere. The tangy scent has a clarifying effect on whatever brings dis­harmony to your space. With 100% purely natural plant force, it cleanses and liberates your home of any negativity.

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  • Concentration


    Before: Grapefruit Sage

    When clarity and focus are called for, this tangy fragrance turns your thought process into a playful creative flow. The fruity scent with Lemon, Giant fir and Sage pro­motes clarity, increases your ability to focus, and lets you feel grounded in yourself. It's the perfect companion to create a focused working atmosphere at your work place.

  • Happy Lemongrass

    Happy Lemongrass

    Before: Lemongrass

    As exotic, exciting and invigorating, as an adventurous journey in the Far East. The Happy Lemongrass Room Spray is a zingy source of refreshment. Its unique lemony fragrance of 100 % pure Lemongrass is guaranteed to put you in a good mood and bring cheerfulness into your home. A popular air freshener for baths and washrooms.

  • Energy Boost

    Energy Boost*

    Before: Energy

    Lacking energy and motivation? The powerful energy blend of Douglas fir, Silver fir and Grapefruit quickly and reliably provides you with new mo­men­tum. The woody scent inspires the mind, boosts your self-confidence, and has an invigorating effect on the room climate. It energizes you throughout the day – come what may.

  • Joyful Journeys

    Joyful Journeys


    Thie invigo­rating scent of Grape­fruit, Douglas fir and Lemon­grass has various effects. It promotes concen­tration when driving, keeps the mind alert and alleviates travel sickness. The zingy scent fills your car with energizing freshness, spicing up your drive and making sure that you savely and happily arrive at your destination.

  • Lebenslust

    Joy of Life*

    Before: Happy Mind

    Some days make it challenging to see the diverse gifts that life holds for you. Grapefruit, Spearmint and Lime help you to experience gratitude and ease, adding a spark to your daily life. This fruity fragrance lifts your spirits, enhances creativity and inspires a life lived to the fullest. Sense the pure joy of life with every fiber of your body.

  • Summer Sun

    Summer Sun

    Before: Orange in Love

    Warming sunrays kiss your skin. A mild summer breeze caresses your hair. Green Mandarin, Neroli and Orange lift your spirits, allowing you to feel the carefree ease of warm summer days – unique days that you never want to end. The fruity fragrance brings a sunny feel-good-atmosphere into your home at any time of the year.

  • Good Mood

    Good Mood


    Joy of life meets lightness. This fruity fragrance emphasizes the sunny side of life. Meet every day with a smile, enveloped by the wonderfully exotic fragrance of Orange, Lime and Lemon. A scent that fills your room with good mood and creates an atmosphere of fun, laughter and optimism. A fragrant invitation to feel our gratitude for life.

  • Trusting in nature
  • Happiness


    Before: Share Joy

    Happiness has many facets, whether we experience precious ‘me-time’ or moments with our closest people. The warm fragrance blend of Mandarin, Grapefruit and Tonka creates the perfect atmosphere for experiencing our very unique feeling of happiness and sharing happy moments with your loved ones. It lifts us up and sparks joy.

* Improved composition

Mira Kober

„Whether room sprays, fragrance blends, or aroma roll-ons - every product was created for specific requirements and can be applied directly. In order to utilize the full effective power of nature, all products are made of 100 % purely natural essential oils.“

Mira Kober
Product Manager

Enjoy the magic of fragrances

Adding the right fragrance to a room can instantly improve your mood and help promote a better sense of wellbeing. There are many methods of applying fragrances in your home and enjoying their unique impact. Room sprays offer a quick and easy way to spread scents in an instant.

For the continuous application in your living and working spaces throughout the day, we recommend using a fragrance blend in combination with an aroma diffuser. Attractive fragrance diffusers, like our Aroma Diffuser Feel Happy or our Aroma Fountain, reliably spread the fragrance in small and large spaces. The fragrances evaporate with the water, clarify the room air and create a cozy, welcoming ambiance.

Enjoy the magic of fragrances


bringing fragrances into your space
  • Aroma Fontain Rondo white

    Aroma Fontain Rondo

  • Aroma Diffuser Feel Happy

    Aroma Diffuser Feel Happy

  • Aroma Warming Stone Simply Silent

    Aroma Warming Stone Simply Silent

  • Aroma Diffuser Funny Friends

    Aroma Diffuser Funny Friends


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