We see aromatherapy as the fusion of a deep sense of well-being and effective impact. We consciously utilize the power of nature that positively affects body, mind and spirit. Our love for people and nature culminates in our products. With our essential oils and aromatherapeutic treasures we increase well-being and foster holistic health.


Nature's gifts

for body, mind & spirit

Experience the gifts of nature for your body, mind and spirit with aromatherapeutic essential oils that enhance your sense of well-being. These powerful oils can do everything from balancing your frazzled mind to stimulating your immune system.

Our Standards

Aromatherapy Expert

„Aromatherapy is a subcategory of phytotherapy, often referred to as “herbal medicine”, and serves as a form of preventative health care. Essential oils activate the self-healing forces of the body and strengthen the immune system. Experts consider aromatherapy to be a safe and reliable form of natural medicine.”

Maria M. Kettenring
Aroma Expert & Author
Maria M. Kettenring

for Body, Mind & Spirit



PRIMAVERA Organic Skincare 2022

PRIMAVERA Organic Skincare

Edition 2022


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