For over 30 years PRIMAVERA has pioneered and remain committed to the highest quality standards, maintaining uncompromising quality control. This high quality and 100% purity are crucial to the potency and effectiveness of our products. We have the possibility to track each product’s production process for our customers, from seed to bottle. Besides investing a lot of energy into our in-house chemistry lab, we have cultivated close friendships and fair collaborations with our farm partnerships worldwide. This way, we have created a “green” supply chain, that is both transparent and sustainable.

Highest possible quality and pureness


We uphold ourselves to the strictest standards and the highest quality. This includes everything from creating excellent products from pure, organic, raw materials and the dedicated responsibility for humankind and nature to the fair relationships we build with our producers, distributors, customers, employees and all people who share our vision.


Our Methods

of quality management

Sensory Analysis

The sensory so-called „organoleptic” analysis is facilitated by highly trained staff who evaluates each essential oil, base oil and floral water.

Each substance is checked for its characteristic fragrance spectrum, visual appearance and overall performance according to the high PRIMAVERA standards.

Sensory analysis
Physico-chemical Analysis

Physico-chemical Analysis

Each new delivery of raw material (charge) is only released for further processing after strict phisico-chemical analysis in our in-house chemistry lab. We offer on-demand analysis certificates to our customers. Our competent chemists pay close attention to meeting the strict regulations.

Purity Check
Checking for pollution such as pesticides, softening agents, heavy metals and solvent resedue.
Active Ingredient Test
Testing for relevant active ingredients that have relevant therapeutic impact.
ISO Standards
We pay close attention to meeting the ISO Standards.
Peroxide & Acid Measurement
Fatty Acid Spectrum
Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry
Density Measurement

Thanks to our long-standing expansive database, we can recognize and track the smallest traces of specific ingredients.

Guarantee of quality

  • Oxidation Control
    All essential oils and base oils are professionally bottled, topping the product with a layer of noble gas (argon) in order to protect it from oxidation. This procedure enables us to ensure the optimal stability and longevity of our products.
  • Safety Cap
    Each essential oil bottle is sealed with our original childproof safety cap, making a cracking noise upon the first opening. The furrowed nonslip cap supports an easy opening of the bottle.
  • Small Quantities
    We predominantly offer essential oils in 5 ml bottles, as small quantities are easier to be used up before the product’s expiry. Consequently, the risk of decay and potential cause of allergies is minimized.
  • UV Protection
    Wherever possible, we use brown and green glass bottles for our products, partially treated with an eco-friendly water based protective varnish. This way we can guarantee a one-hundred percent UV protection in the section UVC, UVB and UVA (200 to 325 Nm).
Guarantee of quality
Laura Bertermann

„Our quality standards are extraordinarily high and we take our work very seriously, paying close attention to precision and thoroughness.“

Laura Bertermann
Quality Management