We want your skin to be at its healthiest, for your beauty to shine through. Nature has gifted us with precious oils and essences, which we transform into highly effective products for naturally glowing, radiant skin. Because they are the core ingredients found in our products, we only use the highest quality seed oils, base oils and essential oils. Every product promises the vitality and benefits of certified organic plants.

Natural Beauty

Pure life force

A Declaration of Love to Your Skin

Taking care of yourself means more than just using the right skincare. By loving and appreciating yourself, you discover your own unique beauty.

All PRIMAVERA skin and body care products work synergistically, naturally complementing each other, even when you select products from different ranges.

This makes it easy for you to find your ideal combination of formulas and fragrances to suit your skin’s unique needs, your individual regimen, mood and lifestyle.

Our Standards

„Plants transfer the power of life unto us! PRIMAVERAs natural beauty recipes are uniquely effective and are transformed into real treasures by the 100 percent pure and unaltered essential oils.”

Karim Sattar
Professional Stylist & Global Communications Expert
Karim Sattar


PRIMAVERA Organic Skincare 2022

PRIMAVERA Organic Skincare

Edition 2022