Located at the foot of the Himalayas, the immaculately beautiful country of Bhutan is where we source our essential lemongrass oil. Known as the "land of the thunder dragon”, Bhutan is the first country to be guided by the philosophy of “Gross National Happiness”. Environmentalism, sustainability and increasing happiness are core values of the country’s government policy.
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Specialities:Soap Project since 2013


In the eastern part of Bhutan lies the harvest area of the Lemongrass Cooperative under the wings of BIO BHUTAN. For over 25 years, the Cooperative’s farmers have harvested the aromatic grass by hand before distilling the essential oil from it.

BIO BHUTAN ensures fair payment of their workers and puts energy into developing further possibilities for using the essential oil. Thus, in 2010 the Soap Making Project was founded, receiving BIO BHUTAN’s support in development, production and marketing. Our partnership with the Soap Making Project helps empower the women in the Cooperative, offering longterm independence and support for their families. This project helps people transform their lives through higher wages and education, while also preserving the biodiversity of Bhutan’s unique environment. Helping people become economically independent through the Lemongrass Cooperative makes our collaboration all the more important to us.

It all began in 1990, when the co-founders Ute Leube and Kurt L. Nübling traveled to the Kingdom of Bhutan on their search for essential Lemongrass oil. The little country’s extraordinary beauty and nature diversity, embedded in the highest mountains of the world, deeply fascinated them. Meanwhile they were moved by the country’s poverty, two thirds of the population living on agriculture. Besides finding the precious Lemongrass oil, Ute and Kurt found the inspiration to support the local people of the Lemongrass Cooperative in becoming economically independent. This was the beginning of a long heartfelt collaboration and friendship. PRIMAVERA has deepened the relationship with the Kingdom of Bhutan over the many years, continuing to develop new projects together, strengthening the country’s economy and fostering a rich cultural exchange.


„Our cooperative collaboration with BIO BHUTAN has been alive for many years. We deeply care about supporting the members of the Lemongrass Cooperative in becoming economically independent.”

Andrea Dahm
Product Manager

Impressions of Bhutan