All PRIMAVERA products are based on pure organic plant ingredients, thoroughly selected and processed with great care and accuracy in order to guarantee uncompromising quality. Using only the finest quality plant ingredients allows us to create effective, natural formulas with therapeutic benefits for body, mind and spirit.

Experiencing the pure power of life


Relying on time-tested methods and our extensive knowledge about herbal plants, we carefully develop and hand-blend each product, combining pure essential oils, seed oils, base oils and plant extracts.

From the very beginning of designing a new product, we pay close attention to develop fruitful synergies between different plant ingredients in order to create effective formulas that enhance the particular need of the body. We are convinced that only the complete plant with all its active components can unfold its holistic impact. Thoughtfully combined, our pure oils and essences exponentially increase their potency and unfold their joint powers – in service of holistic health and well-being.


Essential Oils

For over 5,000 years people have used essential oils for holistic healing, taking advantage of their verified physical and emotional benefits. Plants store essential oils in the form of tiny oil droplets found in flowers, leaves, stems and roots. Plants need these special substances for various biochemical functions, similar to how our bodies need hormones. Through different methods such as steam distillation, the precious essential oils can be extracted from the plant.

Essential oils are the foundation of our company and are at the heart of every PRIMAVERA product. More than 30 years ago our founders discovered the magical fragrances of natural essential oils. This fascination for fragrance became rooted in the very essence of PRIMAVERA. We remain profoundly touched by the power of essential oils, affecting body, mind and spirit.

We are delighted and inspired to share these discoveries with our customers.

Base Oils

Base oils are a central element of our product range. They are obtained by cold-pressing the fatty components of the plant such as the seeds and fruits in which the plant stores its concentrated life force. Seed oils belong to the most precious and expensive base oils because its extraction is highly elaborate. Through the process of cold pressing, all active components of the plant stay intact.

Cold-pressed base oils as the foundation for most of our natural skincare products because of their inherent benefits to the skin. They are rich in vitamins, lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids, and closely resemble the lipid structure of human skin, which makes them easy for the skin to absorb. Base oils are also excellent carriers for mixing in additional essential oils, seed oils and oil-based plant extracts.

Floral Waters

Produced during steam destillation of aromatic and medicinal plants, floral waters contain water-soluble plant components along with small amounts of essential oils. Although extracted from the same plant, the natural fragrance of floral water typically differs from the fragrance of the essential oil.

They are used as a gentle application of aromatherapy and their positive effect can be experienced immediately after spraying. Floral waters can be used as a facial toner, shaving water or a refreshing body spray, as well as for making perfumes, compresses and therapeutic wraps.

Plant Extracts

Our fresh, concentrated plant extracts deliver unique benefits for specific body needs. All of our plant extracts are made with only the cleanest spring water from the German Alps, organic wheat-derived alcohol or pure base oils.

Extraction procedures are exact and sometimes take a long time. The process begins immediately after plants are freshly harvested and depending on the kind of plant, can last for several days to ensure that we obtain the biggest amount of active components. Once this is complete, the plant extracts remain unaltered, meaning we do not change the natural color, odor or composition before adding them to our formulas.

Heike Sontheim

„We exclusively use carefully selected ingredients and process them under the highest quality standards in our in-house production facilities. We are committed to never compromise the quality of our ingredients in the process, in order to maintain and share their potency and full effectiveness in our products.”

Heike Sontheim
Director of Production and Facility Management