Known for its fine wines and culinary cuisine, the Piedmont region of Italy is famous for its gourmet towns of Asti and Alessandria. Nearby lies the agricultural cooperative AGRONATURA, which was founded in 1986 to cultivate organic medicinal plants in Demeter quality.
Farm Partner since:1987

Certified Organic Agriculture

Specialities:cooperative with over 31 farms


Created to offer new generations a chance to stay on their family farms producing premium, organic products, the cooperative AGRONATURA relies on the principles of respect for mankind, animals and the environment.

In the beginning, only thirteen members worked seven hectares of farmland. Over thirty years later, thanks to long-standing contracts with PRIMAVERA, more than twenty agricultural operations are organized in this cooperative. They operate roughly 310 hectares of cropland and cultivate organic medicinal plants for essential oils in Demeter quality, including aniseed, fennel, chamomile roman, sage, lavender, lavandin, rosemary and many others.


“Biodynamic cultivation creates a harmonious relationship with the earth and its components, nourishing the land through compost and fertilizer to vitalise and restore. In addition, cosmic rhythms are taken into consideration, with planting and harvesting schedules created to best benefit the plant. Biodynamic cultivation performs constructive environmental effects concerning ground renewal, long-term fertility and the biodiversity of plants and animals.“

Piercarlo Dappino
Farm Partner in Piemont
This farm partner is

Plant Expert

for the following plants
  • lavender

    Lavender is a known remedy for insomnia, skin irritations, muscle tension, digestion problems and respiratory symptoms.

  • roman chamomile

    The Roman Chamomile grows up to 20 cm high with beautiful aromatic white flowers. It has been known in herbal medicine since ancient times for soothing skin and digestion problems.

  • clary sage

    Clary Sage contains the natural component Sclareol that is known to alleviate cramps. The plant helps to balance the hormonal system and often used in women’s health.