Machu Picchu, Titicaca Lake and Valle Sagrado are only some of the dreamlike names and powerful energetic spots that Peru is famous for. At the fertile banks of the river Vilcanota, the mighty and most important inflow of the Amazon, the so-called „holy valley of the Incas“ is home to PRIMAVERA’s fragrant essential oils of Lemon verbena and Myrtle.
Farm Partner since:1992

Certified Organic Agriculture

Specialities:cofounded by Gehard Benz, former purchasing manager

The holy valley of the incas

Certified Wild Harvest

In 1988, PRIMAVERA’s former purchasing manager Gerhard Benz co-founded the Peruvian organic cultivation project IEPLAM. Today the NGO is known as AROMA INCA and has expanded from an initial group of 50 members to more than 250 local member farms. In addition to their own food crops like maize, potatoes and grains, they cultivate and distill organic aromatic plants for PRIMAVERA such as jojoba, lemon verbena, myrtle and rosewood.

PRIMAVERA owns a distillery in the town of Pisac, not far from the former Inca capital Cusco. Here we produce premium essential oils, capturing the magical scents of the clear Andean air and the uniquely fresh fragrances of the mountains.


“Already at times of the Incas, this region was a well-known and advanced cultivation area, thanks to its fertile ground and temperate climate. Cultural-historical sites of the Incas, impressive terrace arrangements and motley South American Indigenous villages stamp the scenery.”

Gerhard Benz
Former Purchasing Manager

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