It is an old Cambodian tradition to harvest and distill the local Cajeput plant, that grows wildly in many parts of the country. Its potent essential oil has only recently found its way onto the international market, quickly gaining popularity as a powerful remedy for symptoms of cold and respiratory issues. It is known to be a gentle alternative to the more intense eucalyptus oil, making it an ideal oil for children and elderly people. The certified wild harvest of Cajeput has become an meaningful economical support for many local farmers around the beautiful country of Cambodia.
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The newest addition to the family of PRIMAVERA organic cultivation partners is situated in Cambodia. Cooperating with a new organic cultivator, we are now able to source certified wild-harvested essential oil of the Cajeput plant, producing the potent essential oil “Cajeput extra.” The fresh eucalyptus-like Cajeput oil is treasured in aromatherapeutic treatment, especially for children and people with weak constitutions. It gently unfolds its powerful impact and is effectively used for the treatment of colds, earaches, and coughs. Cajeput oil is also known as a potent pain reliever for joint and muscle pains, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

PRIMAVERA had long been searching for a reliable source of Cajeput oil that could meet our high-quality standards, as many available oils on the international market have been detected to be heavily contaminated with pesticides. In Cambodia, we finally found what we were looking for.

Together with the farmers, PRIMAVERA helped build a new stainless-steel distillery in the middle of the Cambodian mountain lands. In the development of this new precious partnership, we consciously focused on creating a sensible synergy of using both traditional and modern techniques.

The wild-growing Cajeput leaves grow on stems of the knee-high bushes and are harvested by hand using a simple hand sickle. The main harvesting time is in January, followed by a second harvesting season from April to July. The freshly cut leaves are filled into large jute bags and quickly brought to the village for distillation. The gatherers always harvest only as much on the day as they can distill directly, in order to guarantee the plants freshness and produce the highest quality essential oil. One distilling cycle can capture up to 150 kg plant material, producing approximately 1,5 kg highest quality essential oil.

As with all our direct cultivation partners, our intention is to grow a long-lasting partnership. Built on a foundation of trust, we nurture our partnerships by guaranteeing fixed purchase quantities, fair prices, and reliable support for the conversion to certified organic wildcrafting. The sustainable, mindful approach of cultivation supports the protection of the natural world of Cambodia. Our treasured Cajeput project provides numerous Cambodian families with a reliable income, enabling them to live an empowered life.


„During the Cambodian dry season, the indigenous Khmer people harvest the Cajeput leaves by hand, cutting them from the shrubs with a simple hand sickle. Temperatures in the blazing sunlight often reach over 100° F. The heat makes the harvest hard work, but it also causes the plants to produce the highest content of potent essential oil.”

Gerhard Benz
Former Purchasing Manager

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