Idyllic Sicily is home to a mild climate, rich volcanic soil and extensive hours of sunlight, making it ideal for growing lemons and other premium-quality citrus fruits. We obtain our tangy citrus oils by cold pressing the fruit peels that have absorbed the Sicilian sunshine. For over 30 years now, PRIMAVERA has collaborated with Concetta and Francesco Salamita, the founders of the SALAMITA Cooperative.
Farm Partner since:1987

Certified Organic Agriculture

Specialities:active in the organic movement since 1972


The Salamita Cooperative has practiced organic, biodynamic Demeter cultivation since 1972 and has worked with PRIMAVERA since 1987. The cooperative was founded by brothers Francesco, Nunciato, Domenico and Eugenio Salamita, who started with organic farmer before adding biodynamic techniques two years later in 1974 after becoming acquainted with the philosophy of Rudolf Steiners. Today, the cooperative is a strong supporter and champion of the Demeter movement and organic farming in Sicily.

Along with the Salamitas, over 100 other Sicilians take part in the cooperative, which offers many advantages to its small organic farmers, including professional consulting, mutual harvesting support, collective purchasing of seeds and other materials, as well as collaborative marketing efforts.


„Sicily has the ideal climate for growing premium quality citrus fruits. We have practiced biodynamic Demeter agriculture since 1972, holding a strong value for protecting the environment and working with the natural cycles. The precious cold pressed citrus oils store the islands sunshine and instantly bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Francesco Salamita
Farm Partner in Sicily
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Plant Expert

for the following plants
  • orange

    The fruity, warm scent of orange activates body and mind. It is said, that orange oil brings light in our lives, because the rays of the sun is stored in it.

  • lemon

    Lemon is a known for its tangy taste, awakening the senses. The essential oil is often used in formulas that intend to activate body and mind.

  • tangerine

    The tangerine is closely related to the orange. Its fruits are smaller and their fragrance even sweeter, making them especially popular with children. Tangerines are harvested between October and January.