Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

”Our life-long pursuit as co-founders of PRIMAVERA is our dedication to responsibly developing, sustainably producing and ethically cultivating pristine-quality, natural products that better connect us with nature. All of our decisions are based on the belief that pure, uncompromised nature is the source of perfect balance and harmony. Thus PRIMAVERA continuously treats our earth’s resources with great care and respect.“

Unterschriften Geschäftleitung PRIMAVERA LIFE GMBH

Ute Leube und Kurt Ludwig Nübling


Our philosophy is based on the understanding that a holistic perspective on health and beauty balances the body, mind and soul for enhanced, harmonised well-being. We are grateful for the opportunity to utilise our 30 years of experience with plants, aromatherapy and natural cosmetics as a source of inspiration to others, sharing our love for nature and our respect for humankind and the environment.

We uphold ourselves to the strictest standards and the highest quality. This includes everything from creating excellent products from pure, organic, raw materials and the dedicated responsibility for humankind and nature to the fair relationships we build with our producers, distributors, customers, employees and all people who share our vision.

PRIMAVERA products draw their potency from the abundant richness of natural plants and help create a tranquil combination of both internal and external balance.

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